أنت تريد أن يسجّل في سيد متوفّر على شبكة الإنترنات من عمل إدارة في دبي؟

Now-a-days an individual who hopes to make a career with a steady growth has no chance in the corporate world without a higher education. An online degree of at least Bachelors level is required to get a good position in an organization. One such degree which is very popular now a day is MBA in Dubai. After the recession a few years ago, the job market of the world suffered a serious set-back which even after so many years has not completely recovered. Hence the job market is only hiring the most qualified people in UAE. A student with a graduate or post graduate degree will be able to stand out among the less qualified individuals that are competing for a place in a firm. Enrolling in online MBA programs in Dubai seems to be the best way to distinguish yourself among so many contenders. A student can put the qualification of an MBA degree in his curriculum vitae and it will carry a weight above all lesser qualified resumes. A student who has done an Online MBA in Dubai, be it fulltime MBA or part-time MBA in Dubai can ask for a bigger salary and it will be given to him based on his academic qualifications.


Sheikh Mahmood Al-Misri, a student of Dubai Online University comments: “After receiving my Bachelors degree, I immediately started looking for a job but my dream of earning an MBA degree didn’t go away. Yet because of my new job and obligations to my family I could not find time during the day to pursue an MBA degree in Dubai. But Dubai Online University has given me the opportunity to pursue both my career and a MBA degree side by side. I enrolled for an MBA degree six months ago and now thanks to DOU’s accelerated MBA degree program I will be able to finish my MBA and get a degree in three or four months. Now I can hope to get a promotion soon, thanks to my increased qualification”.

MBA programs in Dubai typically require two years of hard study; most adults especially those who are starting a family, working or seeking a job have no time or money to earn an expensive degree like an MBA. That’s why for such individuals a part time MBA in Dubai is the most feasible option.

An online MBA in Dubai can provide convenience, flexibility and affordability for students by allowing him to form his own study schedule and paying a lesser fee than those demanded by college campuses. An accelerated program of online MBA in Dubai provides a student to complete his MBA in less than a year and take his evaluation exam through online means at a convenient time.

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